In 2003, after much prayer, we purchased this property and barn and in the same year, opened it as the Red Barn Country Store. Now, with the help and support of our 3 kids, family and great friends our business has grown in so many ways. The 120 year old barn, once a working farm, is now filled upstairs and downstairs with many of the products you will see featured on our site, and even some that aren't!

With kids of our own in mind, our goal was to run this store different...being people and family friendly. That is our number one priority here.

We are more than a country store...we are a family, one that aims to make our customers feel like a part of ours. You will see us and our our kids throughout the site. If you get to make a trip into the store, you'll even catch the kids helping out on a daily basis!

Our hours vary with the seasons, so make sure to check our Home Page for the current hours. We are open 7 days a week throughout the year, except in the summer months when we are closed on Sundays. Our Sunday hours will never change, as we appreciate the value Sunday mornings in church.